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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

DJ Chachi Free T-Shirts!

Listen to DJ chachi!

He's a great DJ he DJs for a lot of celebrities. Check out his website and you'll see :)

Also, another reallly cool thing about him is if you do like his music and you send him an email telling him you like it, he will send you a lot of his cds! But he also sends you 2 really nice american apparel t shirts with cool logos on them!! and stickers! ALL FOR FREE!! so if you send him an email with you NAME and ADDRESS he will send you all that stuff for free.. People told me about it and i tried it and all of it came the next day in the mail i gave no credit card number.. cool..try it! he has good mixtapes!

I took a picture of the tshirts i got haha its for free so pretty coool

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Anonymous said...

thanx so much for the support


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