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Thursday, October 8, 2009

bobbi browns FEED 10 project!

Bobbi Brown has partnered with Lauren Bush and FEED to bring out a cute bag and great lipglosses for a good cause.

When you buy the FEED10 pouch, you provide ten disadvantaged women andtheir families with food and job training through the United Nations World FoodProgam. In partnership with FEED, Bobbi Brown Cosmetics has filled this canvasbag, crafted out of sustainable materials using fair trade labor, with three of herfavorite Lip Gloss shades: Petal, Rose Sugar and Aubergine. “The basics that you and I may take for granted are luxuries for so many women who just want to be able to work and stand on their own two feet.” -Bobbi Brown
On counter in October at $ 50.00

For more information on FEED please visit:

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